I charge $100 per hour for my services, this leaves you with the freedom to decide which elements you’d like to have my help with based on your unique needs and budget. Generally speaking, this is the time each element of the landscape design process takes…

-Design consult, one hour

-Creating a design, 1-3 hours depending on the size of the design

-Nursery review, one hour

-Install placement and oversight, 1-3 hours.

I serve northern Utah County. If you are outside this area, there will be an additional fee for gas/travel time.


You are responsible for the cost of the plants and the delivery cost that will be paid to the nursery where plants are purchased. We can get a good idea of this cost during your design review. I can get you a discount on your plants if they are purchased from Thrive Nursery during your design review.


If you choose not to install plants on your own, you are responsible to find a company to do the install for you. I can give recommendations if needed. I can coordinate with your install crew to be there on install day to make sure the plants are placed correctly and make any needed last minute adjustments, as well as doing a walk through with you to talk about each of your plants and the care that they will need going forward.


To give your plants the best conditions to thrive after install, I recommend planting with a soil enriching compost (I prefer Nutri Mulch) and then applying a liquid fertilizer and root stimulator (I prefer Root & Grow). This usually adds $100-200 per landscape.

I will let you know how much is needed and where to purchase it so you can have it there and ready on install day. I can also pick those items up for you and bring them on install day for an additional $50 fee.