Appointment Options

Design Consult

This is for a new yard or a yard with very few plants. We’ll walk through your yard, talk about your unique wants and needs, and make sure we’re on the same page.

I will then take measurements and pictures of your space so I can get to work creating your landscape design.

Disclaimer: I am a landscape designer, not a landscape architect. This is why you will save so much money and still get a great service! That said, my designs are not drafted and my focus is on plants (the softscape). I can consult with you on hardscape ideas, like firepits and patios, and include those in designs, but you will be responsible for finding contractors to implement those plans. Ideally I come after you have your hardscape installed and you are ready for plants.

Partial/Existing Yard Design Consult

This appointment is for an existing landscape or a small area of your yard that you need some advice on. We’ll walk through your yard, talk about your existing plants, identify your plants, and talk about how you can improve what you already have.

If wanted, I can create a design for you.

Nursery Review

Schedule this appointment at least a week after our original consult date to give me time to create your landscape.

I will let you know which nursery to meet me at. We will go through the design I have created for you and talk about each plant and element of the design. Changes can be made to make sure you will love the finished result.

You can choose to purchase plants and plan for an install day at the review or you can source plants at your own pace.


Schedule this the same day your plants are being delivered to minimize stress to plants.

I will make sure that all the plants are placed correctly, and make any last minute changes needed. We often need to shift a few plants around based on sprinkler pipes and other unknown obstacles.

After your plants are in, I will walk through the design with you and talk about each plant’s individual care needs so you can move confidently forward with your new landscape.

You will love the results!

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